There are over 400 online dating service based in the United States alone and many more from around the world. But there is only one website I know of that made this move —- the launch of "Clean Mode" to banish dirty words from users inbox forever.

"Clean Mode" replace dirty words commonly found in online dating messages and message boards with words of the same part of speech, meaning, a noun to a noun and a verb to a verb, that is significantly more pleasing than the original.

The outcome is a much safer-for-home, safer-for-work, safer-for-young-adult online dating community. There may still be racy photos (which Yuyan, founder/CEO of TagDates said she had big plans on how to deal with them as well.) on the site, but in terms of textual content such as incoming and outgoing messages from interested parties, or statuses updates by people located geographically close to the users, there is zero chance that any racy, offensive, potentially insulting content can slip through the fingers of TagDates' "Clean Mode".

I have spoken to Yuyan Chow, founder/CEO of TagDatees yesterday and to get the latest scoop.


"'Clean mode' sounds quite hackneyed, but you get the idea quickly. It like the clean version of a song, where all the commonly used curse words are bleeped out. 'Clean Mode' on TagDates works like this. You can type anything you want and TagDates does not really censor them. We simply provided the receiver a choice whether to read it in such form , or not. 'Clean Mode' is the default setting, but receiver can turn it off to read the original."

How do users tell the messages they received have been changed?

"We have added two musical notes before and after that words. Before you ask why two musical notes, I can tell you that we just felt that this will give off a happy vibe. It is an extremely unpleasant experience when you receive something offensive that you do not expect. And worse if it keeps coming to your mailbox. Other website allows you to block the culprit if you get pissed off enough, TagDates gracefully let you ignore it. You don't even have to read these messages in the first place if you don't want to."

Was it hard to implement "Clean Mode"?

"It's quite simple to build a filter robot like this to catch common dirty words. The difficult part is to decide what words to enter into the filter list and what words we use to replace them."


"We settled for words that will fit into the sentence and give it a positive spin. Vulgar, aggressive, offensive words will be turned into happiness-inducing words."

Was there some consumer insights behind this?

"Let's say when I tell non-silicon-valley people that I have founded an online dating platform, the typical first response is this look of disgust. Most people try to hide it. Some turned their disbelief into a rhetorical question. 'Isn't online dating site full of dirty content?'. I have to say, I have been on lots of online dating sites and apps as a users. I cannot begin to count the numbers of times I have received cringe-worthy chat messages or untimely sex-text. It's not that I didn't do it at some point, and I probably did. The point is that when I did feel like it, I was still subjected to these kinds of content, which annoyed me to hell. And this is the typical experience of millions of people who tried online dating. There is always gonna be some guy or gal that thought it would help him or her score a date by starting a conversation with something like 'Wanna f...?' "

Wanna love?

"The first word 'Clean Mode' replaced is the f-word. On TagDates, when someone send you the f-word, you get the l-word instead (the l-word is love, honey). It's a wonderful change of tone and message. Everyone I talked to about this loved it."

"TagDates, a platform you are proud to be on"

"TagDates is not just a regular dating website. It's a social network, a community for getting to know the right people, people who may eventually become a part of your life, real life. I want the people on TagDates to feel happy and safe. They do not need to be subjected to abusive language to find a date. And I want this network to last forever and for that I have to safeguard the healthiness of this community. eBay had problem at the beginning with bad elements and they implemented the user rating system and the be-good vision. As an online business, we face the same issue, and we are going to overcome it by providing users the right tools. 'Clean Mode' for textual content is just the first step."

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